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420 National Cannabis Day

celebrating national cannabis day 420

420, April 20th, National cannabis day, now celebrated world wide by cannabis consumers.

The term 420 originated in the early 70’s by a group of students in California. The group met at 4.20pm to partake in some recreational actives.

As time went on and word spread, 420 soon became their code word for Marijuana, by the mid 90’s the story went global.

The use of high THC Cannabis is still widely prohibited to this day. But this doesn’t stop the cannabis community’s gathering to celebrate the day and protest against the war on drugs.

Here in the UK local groups like the Bournemouth Cannabis Social Club give members a safe place to socialize with their friends and try to stop them getting caught up with organised crime. Main picture is from the UKCSC stand at Hyde park 2018.

For now high THC medical cannabis is only legal for those who can afford a private prescription in the UK, and although we have a booming CBD market, some say this is only half the story and we have the right to use the whole plant as we see fit.

Times are changing though. Mexico has become the third country to fully legalise cannabis consumption and production. Close behind Uruguay and Canada. lets hope the rest of the world follow suit soon.

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